The 5 Insider Secrets My Female Clients Use To Negotiate The Jobs And Salaries Of Their Dreams 

Whilst They Improve The Relationship With Their (Future) Boss 

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  • The STEP-BY-STEP GAME PLAN my clients use to raise their salary by up to 75%, without coming across as greedy or demanding…  
  • How you can get a role you absolutely love, where you wake up every morning filled with ENERGY and INSPIRATION, because you feel VALUED for and FULFILLED by the work that you do…  
  • Why "negotiating like a guy" is not a good strategy to get results during career negotiations and how, instead, you can use your FEMININE SUPER POWERS and 10X your results…  
  • How you can get the PERFECT job for you, even if right now you would be happy with any old job, because you have been applying for a long time but gotten nowhere…  
  • And how to do ALL of this in a way that feels completely and totally AUTHENTIC and COMFORTABLE to you.

Presented by Wies Bratby

Wies has extensive negotiation experience as a former top lawyer and HR Director for a billion-dollar company. She has spent the best part of two decades studying and practicing the art and science of negotiation, focusing on the role of gender. 

On a mission to ensure all women find and succeed in roles they absolutely love, Wies has trained hundreds of women across the globe how to negotiate for their dream jobs and salaries, with spectacular results.

FREE Training