The 5 Mindset Shifts My Clients Use To Find A Job They Love AND Double Their Salaries

...even in this worldwide economic downturn! 

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In this training session you will learn:

  • The STEP-BY-STEP GAME PLAN to get a career you absolutely love - including a dramatic increase in your salary (yes - even during COVID)
  • Why applying for roles in the traditional way may get you a job – but not your dream job, and what to do instead  
  • The secret to by-passing the broken recruitment system. 
  • How to have meaningful career conversations that get results and don’t leave you feeling awkward.
  • Why "negotiating like a guy" is not a good strategy for your career, and how instead you can use your feminine superpowers to 10X your results.
  • How you can build the perfect career despite being at the point where you’ve lost all hope that it can happen… 

This is a big push, but trust me, it’s possible. Let’s get you what you want!

Presented by Wies Bratby

Wies has extensive negotiation experience as a former top lawyer and HR Director for a billion-dollar company. She has spent the best part of two decades studying and practicing the art and science of negotiation, focusing on the role of gender. 

On a mission to ensure all women find and succeed in roles they absolutely love, Wies has trained hundreds of women across the globe how to negotiate for their dream jobs and salaries, with spectacular results.

FREE Training